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About Sorin Sirkus

Sorin Sirkus is a youth circus from Tampere Finland, established in 1985. Our main objective is to maintain, enhance and develop circus studies for children and young people. Sorin Sirkus has been nominated as a National Development and Service Center of Youth Work by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland.

Sorin Sirkus has been giving basic education of circus arts since 1993. Currently the circus school in Sorin Sirkus has around 400 students aged from 4 to 20 years, that are gathered weekly to practise variety of circus disciplines. Sorin Sirkus also provides short term courses and camps for varying groups from social circus to small children and adults.

Sorin Sirkus is in many ways a forerunner in the field of Finnish youth circus. Its active working both domestically and internationally is one of its main assets as it is a requirement for the continuous developing of the groundbreaking work that is done in Sorin Sirkus.

Sorin Sirkus has been profiled as a high standard developer of circus art and youth culture in Finland. It was granted a State Prize in the field of Children’s Culture in 2010 and the Ministry of Education and Culture appointed it the Finnish Young Cultural Ambassadors in 2008 and 2009. The numerous prizes granted to circus director Taina Kopra and the young artists of Sorin Sirkus show appreciation for the far reaching and high quality work of Sorin Sirkus.

Sorin Sirkus is well known for its high standard and unique performances. The annual Christmas Show is seen by as many as 10 000 spectators and is performed to sold out audiences year after a year. The young artists of the Performing Group have often several years and thousands of hours of rehearsal behind them. Many of them have continued their circus studies further after leaving Sorin Sirkus, and are now working as circus professionals around the world.

Sorin Sirkus organises diverse activities from youth circus schools to social circus and work welfare workshops and all the way to festivals and camps as well as productions of performances in different lenghts. We also operate actively to develope circus arts, pedagogy and youth work both at municipial and national levels.

Sorin Sirkus has been offering the audiences thrilling and high energy perfomances, skillful circus tricks and experiences already in four decades! And the journey continues… welcome aboard to the wonderful world of Sorin Sirkus!

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