The Association

Sorin Sirkus is a youth circus founded in Tampere in 1985. The circus aims to promote, develop and perform the circus arts among children and young people. Sorin Sirkus has offered basic education in the arts since 1993, and the curriculum for the advanced syllabus was accepted by the Tampere Culture and Leisure Board on June 7th, 2006. Lessons at the circus school vary between 1-7 times a week in accordance with the pupil´s own skill level and commitment. Sorin Sirkus has offered dozens of young people a stepping stone to foreign circus arenas and circus institutions. Some of the former pupils of Sorin Sirkus have studied further to become teachers, and some have found a profession which is closely involved in the field of circus – for instance make-up, lighting design, etc. The circus has been, and still is, a wonderful hobby for hundreds of children and young people!

Internationality has always played an important role in Sorin Sirkus. Over the years, Sorin Sirkus has been invited to perform at numerous interesting locations and to arrange circus workshops. Seeing and experiencing new things are great learning opportunities, which motivate the pupils to continue practising.