Social Circus

The Term social circus is a common nominator for circus teaching methods in which circus is being used as a tool for learning and developing new skills. The main values of social circus are learning by doing, joy, creativity, freedom, bravery, safety and co-operation.

The main objecitve of social circus is to develop and carry out easy access circus activities for various target groups. It gives strenght, develops social and motoric skills of its participants and most of all prevents social exclusion. Like all circus teaching social circus combines in a very natural matter sports and art education, social development, emotional growth and collaboration between different art forms.

Social circus in Sorin Sirkus

Sorin Sirkus has nearly 30 years of experience from working with various groups from small children to youngsters, adults and the elderly. The developing and expanding social circus activities started in 2009 when Sorin Sirkus participated in a national social circus – and international Leonardo da Vinci -project: Youth and Social Circus Training – a New Spirit for Europe.

Since then numerous social circus groups with hundreds of participants of different ages have been carried out in Sorin Sirkus. Our professional and continuously developing social circus teaching team makes sure that Sorin Sirkus will continue to offer versatile circus activities in high quality for various target groups.

Social circus work shops in Sorin Sirkus

Sorin Sirkus offers social circus work shops for various target groups such as children and young people in need of special care,