Social circus pedagogy taught online!

In August Sorin Sirkus had a privilege to once again teach Introduction to Social Circus Pedagogy course (5 ECTS) at Tampere University Summer School. The previous summer school courses were held in person at Sorin Sirkus. This however was the first year Simon Llewellyn and Kamilla Nisso had to create an online version of the course. Our second trainer Simon Llewellyn opens the structure and methods of the course.

– At first the concept of teaching online can be daunting and overwhelming, but as social circus has taught us before, adaptability and the willingness to try opens up new opportunities.

– Participants – international university students – represented China, Austria, Finland, Russia and England, so it was truly an international field. Exercises were adapted and new games made to help make this course fun and informative. Everyone got to hear and see different cultures, languages and experiences from across the world and ultimately help to understand and inform what social circus is in different contexts.

– The 10-day course ended with a group exercise to create a social circus class in the style of an interactive story, each with an objective to achieve. One group told the history of Finland and the other taught the participants Finnish in 30 minutes using theatre and circus.

– It was sad to say goodbye but I think everyone would agree it was fun and inspiring. Pack your (physical or virtual) bags and see you in 2022!

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