CTF Advanced

Welcome to learn about CTF Advanced, an EU funded international project to update and strengthen the existing CTF program, together with all CTF partner schools, Caravan Circus Network and University researchers.

March 13, 2024 – Conclusion Seminar

From 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM CET (16.00 to 17.15 Finnish time) at Tampere Main Library Metso, Kuusi Hall.
The event will be held in English and streamed online. Coffee and buns will be served on-site.

16.00 Coffee
16.15 Welcome words
16.25 CTF Advanced research
16.40 Social circus
16.50 Affiliate network
17.00 Future
17.05 Q & A

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What is CTF Advanced?

CTF Advanced develops and enhances the Circus Transformation (CTF) training program by strengthening the network with partners from social work and youth work. It disseminates the knowledge gained from previous CTF training programs and facilitates active communication between the fields of circus art, social work, and youth work. The project also evaluates the CTF training program, updates the CTF Guidebook, and establishes a peer network and follow-up strategy for CTF alumni.

Who has taken part in the project?
CTF Advanced is an EU co-funded project led by Sorin Sirkus (Finland) in partnership with 5 circus organisations and networks: Caravan (Belgium), AltroCirco (Italy), Cirkus Cirkör (Sweden), Cirqueon (Czech Rep.) and Galway Community Circus (Ireland).

What was the initial need that initiated the project?
Since the first round of CTF in 2015, much has transpired. Partner organizations, social circus trainers, and CTF participants have learned invaluable lessons from previous years, and the landscape has evolved in terms of inclusive language and perspectives. Moreover, there was a need to broaden our network of collaborators and to assess the impact of the training on participants and stakeholders involved in the CTF program. 

What is Circus Transformation (CTF)?

Based on five years of EU-funded research, working with two universities and eight Caravan members, Circus Trans Formation In Action (CTF) provides ongoing training in social circus. Our trainers take four learning modules at four different international circus schools, joining circus trainers from across the world. Through exercises, group discussions and the guidebook, they share experiences and learn from some of the most experienced trainers at the hosting schools. The goal is to equip the trainers with confidence, new perspectives and methods for training within the social circus field.

Circus Transformation (CTF) is a 20-day training for Social Circus teachers towards building capacity within the European circus teaching community, to develop skills around the effective use of circus as a tool for social engagement and change.

CTF was developed by the Caravan Network following a 5-year research project funded by the European Commission. The training is based on Caravan's ‘Circus Transformation Guidebook for Social Circus Teachers’ and has so far been delivered to 120 social circus teachers across 18 different countries.

What is Caravan?

Caravan is an international youth and social circus network of circus schools from across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, that advocates for the positive impact of youth and social circus. The network was established in 2008 by 7 European circus schools, with a common goal to use social circus as an educational tool and to dedicate this work to groups from disadvantaged backgrounds with specific needs.

Caravan is a non-profit organisation that is committed to developing the sector and empowering their members and their participants. Their members are closely connected, and these links have been created through their projects: Youth festivals and exchanges, training for trainers programmes, capacity building, volunteer exchange, production of research, seminars and gathering of resources.

What is social circus?

Youth and Social Circus refers to programs offering circus activities (juggling; floor, aerial and partner acrobatics; balancing skills; clowning) with the goal of personal and community development, mental and social well-being, and social change, rather than the training of professional artists.

Social circus is directed to a public often with fewer opportunities, specific needs and from different socio-cultural backgrounds. Generally speaking, these publics’ needs or difficulties are of different kinds: trouble focusing on tasks, behavioural difficulties, body-awareness, etc.

The main objective of the pedagogical work is the personal development of its participants, by developing personal skills such as open-mindedness, self-esteem, tolerance, respect, responsibility, autonomy, perseverance and self-confidence. Circus arts serve also as mediator enabling the creation of true group cohesion by working on the inclusion of all participants. In so doing social circus promotes individual and relational abilities and becomes a convector of human values since it wishes to equip its participants with useful skills for every-day life.

Project Partners: Sorin Sirkus (LEAD), Galway Community Circus, Altro Circo, Cirqueon, Cirkus Cirkör & Caravan.

Cofunded by the Finnish National Agency of Erasmus+